Day 128: Time is flying!

Today is day 128 of our MBA program. The saying “time flies when your having fun” could not be more true. Time also flies when you are doing your MBA.

The summer semester came and went and we are already more than halfway through our fall set of classes. During the summer I took courses in Quantitative Analysis, Accounting, Economics and Corporate Social Responsibility. Here is a picture of my summer group that worked together during these courses.


During this fall semester I am taking Finance, Operations, Marketing, Managing People, Leveraging Technology and PPE (Personal and Professional Effectiveness). The city of Halifax has been amazing and I am trying to enjoy every moment I have while I am here.

I am enjoying the teaching I am doing in Knowledge Management as well. It has been fun to take the material and cases from the course and synthesize this with past knowledge from my Computer Science degree as well as content from my current MBA courses. I feel like I am able to provide a unique perspective for my students but I am also learning just as much from them and the overall experience.

Since moving to Halifax I have joined Moksha Yoga Halifax to help deal with my prior back injuries and I have been loving their classes. The teachers have been great and I’d recommend their studio to anyone.

As busy as life is, I am currently reading The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. The book is on the impact and effects of highly improbable events. The Black Swan In class, we have talked a lot on the impact that outliers have on finance, operations, marketing, and business in general. Businesses need to compete and bring something unique to the table. Businesses shouldn’t be scared of outliers but rather they should pursue these outliers; the highly improbable outcomes as these can be catalysts for growth, innovation and future success. I am enjoying the book so far and hope to write more of my thoughts on it in a future post.

I set this blog up with the intent of posting my thoughts and experiences. Time has been flying and I haven’t been posting as often as I had originally planned but life is great and I am happy with how things are going. I am going to make more of an effort to post my thoughts and experiences to share with you all.