Welcome to My Blog

Hi! This is something new that I am trying out!

I am looking to write and share blog posts here about the books I am reading, the things I am learning while doing my MBA at Dalhousie, and anything else I find interesting or exciting in the world of business and in the world.

This blog initiated a new design of my website. My old website was something I built from scratch. My old website was built using PUG and SASS and I had built an easy development environment using GULP and BrowserSync. This website was great, but when looking into how I wanted to integrate a blog, I stumbled across Hugo!

Hugo allows for this easy development environment while allowing for a simple blog environment. Rather than just build my blog with Hugo and integrate that into my old site, I thought it would be better to learn a new framework and develop something new. So welcome! I hope this blog will be interesting and or thought provoking to those who read it. I appreciate any feedback you may have.